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Home 10-year Plan to End Homelessness
10-year Plan to End Homelessness


Coos Bay Area Habitat for Humanity: New House with Volunteers - 2008

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--Broken up into Chapters--


Cover and Introductory


Chapter 1:  Addressing Homelessness in Coos County

1.1  Introduction
1.2  One-Night Homeless Plan Count Summaries
1.3  Purpose and Vision
1.4  Causes of Homelessness in Coos County
1.5  Homeless and at risk of Becoming Homeless
1.6  Housing First Strategy
1.7  Stakeholders

Chapter 2:  The Planning Process

2.1  The Planning Process
2.2  Organization Chart for 10-Year Homeless Plan
2.3  Steering Committee Meetings
2.4  Steering Committee Participants
2.5  Public Meetings Focus on Specific Need
2.6  Public Meeting Participants
2.7  Survey
2.8  Web Site
2.9  Participant Input from Public Meetings


Chapter 3:  Strategies for Implementation

3.1 Introduction to Strategies
3.2 Strategies Worksheets
3.3 Strategy #1:  Data Information System
3.4 Strategy #2:  Emergency Prevention Programs
3.5 Strategy #3:  Mainstream Programs
3.6 Strategy #4:  Supportive Service Programs
3.7 Strategy #5:  Outreach
3.8 Strategy #6:  Additional Crisis Bed
3.9 Strategy #7:  Rapid Re-Housing
3.10 Strategy #8:  Supply of Affordable Housing
3.11 Strategy #9:  Homeless Teens
3.12 Strategy #10:  Formerly Incarcerated or Institutionalized
3.13 Strategy #11:  Homeless Mentally Il
3.14 Strategy #12:  Community Education
3.15 Strategy #13:  Government Programs and Legislation
3.16 Strategy #14:  Partnerships
3.17 Strategy #15:  Ongoing Coordination, Planning and Oversight
3.18 Next Steps


Chapter 4:  Annual Priorities

4.1 Developing Year-One Priorities
4.2 Year-One Priorities
4.3 Year-One Outcomes
4.4 Future Annual Priorities and Outcomes


Appendix A: Strategies Worksheets

Appendix B: Definitions and Acronyms

Appendix C: Background Data for Planning


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