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Tsunami Outreach

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Have you made sure your family is prepared for disaster?

Coos Bay Evac Map

Living on Shaky Ground Magazine

Tsunami Outreach Events

May 31st @2pm Evacuation Drill Flyer

Map your Neighborhood
In a disaster, your most immediate source of help are your neighbors living around you.

Earthquake Appendix
To provide for the coordinated and safe response to earthquake incidents within Coos County.

Incident Annex 3. Tsunami
Use this checklist, as applicable, in conjunction with other Tsunami plans on file with Coos County Emergency Management.

Support Annex 4. Family Assistance Center
The FAC is the designated site(s) to receive and support relatives of victims, handle telephonic inquires, and provide support to survivors.

Support Annex 6. Volunteer and Donation Management
The purpose of this annex is to outline the concept of operation, organizational
arrangements, and responsibilities for coordinating the efforts of volunteer groups
and local government to manage donations of goods and services that may occur
before and after a disaster impact.

Support Annex 10. Commodity Staging & Distribution
The purpose of this plan is to assure Coos County receives the basis life-staining
needs they may have in the event of a declared emergency in the quickest manner
possible given the situation.

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A brand new, exciting and fun way to donate to feed hungry children and families, the South Coast Food Share Virtual Food Drive gets you the most bang for every buck by providing seven pounds of food for every dollar.

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