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What our staff are saying


Image by Georg Eiermann

"What I enjoy most about the work i do is getting to work with the families in my program. We've seen amazing growth in our participants, and have been able to support them on their way which is incredible to be a part of" 


"The team you work with becomes like family."

"My peers are respectful and state concerns as they arise in a way that seeks collaboration and resolution. That's really nice."

"...loyal, committed, knowledgeable, reliable staff"

    "Everyone works together and helps each other out around each others strengths and needs. Everyone seems comfortable asking each other for help when needed and all are very receptive to help one another."

"I enjoy working with the kids and watching them learn"

"The most fulfilling aspect about my work is the feeling of helping people and children meet their goals and milestones"

"All types of cultures/people are welcome and respected at Oregon Coast Community Action"

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