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Child Therapy Office

Who is ORCCA?

Oregon Coast Community Action (ORCCA), is a private non-profit organization-501(c)(3) created in 1965 as the Community Action Committee, Inc in 1965 to serve the Southern Oregon Coast. The current name was adopted in 2006. ORCCA provides cost effective joint administration, leadership, and support for children's programs and emergency services on the Southern Oregon Coast. 

Community Action Agencies were created in 1964 by the Economic Opportunity Act as part of the War on Poverty. The War on Poverty was declared by President Johnson to eradicate poverty from our society. More than 50 years later, over 1,000 Community Action Agencies are still fighting the war. 

Click here to watch the State of the Union where President Johnson declared the war on poverty.

What is a Community Action Agency?

A Community Action Agency is governed by a Board of Directors. The board members are volunteers who are either appointed or elected officials, community representatives or client representatives. 


Since 1965, our Community Action Program has adapted to the needs of our community. 


Currently, ORCCA operates the following programs:

What services does ORCCA provide?

Timeline of Events

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Organization Chart

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