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Board of Directors

Appointed or Elected Public Officials


Mayor Tamie Kaufman; Board Chairperson

Mayor Tamie Kaufman is a property manager by trade and has served on several committees for the City of Gold Beach and was elected Mayor in 2020.  Kaufman is almost a native to Gold Beach and also volunteers on the Citizens Review Board and the CCD Business Development Board.  Appointed to the ORCCA Board in late August 2021 she hopes to be helpful in problem solving issues that face the organization and to people in poverty.  Elevating people out of poverty is the best long term solution, in the meantime providing help whenever possible is important to the community.  

Georgia Nowlin; Board Member

Georgia Nowlin is a retired business owner, former elected official, and community builder in Curry County. She and her husband live in Brookings and have two adult daughters.

Serving with many boards and organizations over the years has given her an appreciation of the invaluable work they do in our communities and the continual need to support them and entities like ORCCA.

Lorin Kessler, Board Member

Client Representative

Mica Haggard, Board Treasurer

Head Start Policy Council Representative (Former)

Raymond Ahumada, Board Member

Head Start Policy Council Representative

Stephen Anderson, Board Member

Head Start Policy Council Representative

Joshua Davis-Johnson, Board Member

Community Representatives

Sam Baugh, Board Vice Chair (Interim Chairperson)


Pastor Don Ford, Board Secretary

Don joined the board in the Summer of 2021. He earned a BA in PE and Math from the University of the Redlands and was voted into the Univerity's Hall of Fame for Football and Track and Field. He has served his community as a pastor for 29 years, and his strong values and ethical sentiments have translated into a commitment towards synergy and teamwork between all agencies. 

Adam Schulz, Board Member

Amanda McCarthy, Board Member

Ashley Horath, Board Member

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Updated March 28, 2024

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