ORCCA Board of Directors 2020

Appointed or Elected Public Officials

Carolyn Johnson; Board Member

Carolyn is the newest addition to the Board.  She joined in February of 2020 as an appointee from the City of Coos Bay, where she serves as the Community Development Administrator.   Carolyn has a home in Port Orford in Curry County, making her a representative of both Coos and Curry counties.

Client Representative

Anna Huit; Board Chairperson

Anna has lived here on the Oregon Coast for 22 years and joined the ORCCA Board 13 years ago as a Head Start Policy Council member.  When asked why she joined the Board, Anna said it was “to empower folks of all social/economic backgrounds”.  As a mom of special needs children, Anna is a passionate advocate for awareness, inclusion, and acceptance.  Besides her role as Board Chairperson, Anna serves on the Finance, Executive, Housing, and Development committees and is also a Board member of the local United Way.

Monica Florez; Secretary

Head Start Policy Council Representative

Monica joined the Board in November of 2018 as a Head Start Policy Council Representative and continues to serve on Policy Council today.  Monica has lived on the Oregon Coast for 8 years and “loves the community”.  She also loves to watch her kids play sports and her favorite food is the Head Start Taco bake!  Monica serves on the Executive and Finance committees.

Leona Smith; Head Start Policy Council Representative

Leona joined the Board in November of 2019 as a Head Start Policy Council Representative. 

Community Representatives

Laura Williams; Board Vice-Chairperson 

Laura joined the ORCCA Board in 2018 as a representative of the South Coast Regional Early Learning Hub Steering Committee.  As the Director of Community Engagement with Advanced Health, Laura devotes her time to serving her community in both a professional and volunteer capacity.  Laura also serves on the Executive and Personnel committees.

Florence Pourtal; Treasurer

Florence brings a bit of international flair to the ORCCA Board, as she comes to us from Paris, France.  She joined the Board in January of 2019 because she “want(s) to serve the community”.  Florence is serving as the Chair of the Finance committee, and also serves on the Executive committee.

Jacob Knudsen; Curry County  Representative

Jacob is our southernmost located Board member and frequently travels from Brookings to attend Board and committee meetings.  He joined the ORCCA Board in January of 2018 to “give back to (his) community by volunteering at a nonprofit”.  Jacob has contributed greatly to ORCCA’s Energy Assistance program in his time on the Board and serves on the Executive and Finance committees.

Danny Stoddard; Board Member

Danny joined the Board in August of 2019 “to serve (his) community by helping those in need get access to services”.  If Danny seems a familiar part of the ORCCA family, it could be due to his service as a CASA from 2006-2013.  He describes serving on the ORCCA Board as an “honor” and advocates for early childhood education for all youth in our community.  Danny is an avid sportsman and enjoys running, kayaking, yoga, and hiking in the Coast’s natural beauty.

Scott Cooper, Board Member

Scott is a new addition to the Board, having joined in January of 2020, but he is not new to community service in Coos County.  Scott is the current Executive Director at Alternative Youth Activities, and one of the founders of the New Community Coalition. 

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