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Housing Stabilization Program

For general housing stabilization services please complete the ORCCA online application. 

ORCCA is partnering with Community Action Agencies UCAN and KLCAS to provide HB5019 Eviction Assistance through December 2023 or until funding runs out. Please see below contact information available by County in order to apply for these funding opportunities. 

Coos County Residents

United Community Action Network is currently assisting individuals and families with evictions in Coos County. If you have a current eviction, or have a tenant with a current eviction and have not accessed other financial assistance, please email us directly at to request an application. You can also call 541-956-4086 to request an application or ask questions

Curry County Residents 

Klamath and Lake Community Action Services is assisting Curry County residents access the assistance they need to avoid eviction. We will be supporting eligible low-income households with their past due rent and are currently accepting applications specific to Curry County residents. If you have a current eviction notice or a court summons and need to apply for assistance, or you are a landlord that needs to refer a tenant who is at risk of eviction for non-payment, please email or call us at 541-882-3500.





ORCCA operates multiple housing assistance programs aimed at helping individuals and families obtain stabilization. Housing programs are designed to help low-income individuals, veterans and families maintain or transition into permanent housing.


Services include but are not limited to deposit assistance, short and long-term rental assistance.  Several programs also include personalized coaching from our Housing Retention Specialists.


Are you currently experiencing homelessness?

Supporting your housing needs is important to us, however, it is important to understand that program funding varies in size and how it may be used to support our community. We will do our best to help you/your family or refer you to services that may be able to help but cannot guarantee that funding will be available for the services you are seeking.


Below is information on services we currently have available that might support you/your family. 

Some of the programs offered by ORCCA are: 

Rental Assistance                                                 

Deposit Assistance 

Veteran Services                 

Prescription Assistance (When funds are available)                                                        

Homeward Bound Program (When funds are available)     


Services not supported are: 

Motel/hotel vouchers 

Gas Vouchers 

Car repairs 

Birth Certificates


Please note our Veteran service programs have more flexibility within the assistance offered. 

Do you have any immediate risk of becoming homeless?

We highly recommend you come to our office for an assessment by a housing specialist to see what we may be able to help you with. Housing Assessments are the entry point to all ORCCA housing programs. They are also connected to other housing opportunities and homeless services in Coos and Curry Counties.  Assessments are conducted by trained assessors and require a minimum of 20 minutes per household.  Assessments are generally available on a walk-in basis but are contingent on staff availability.  To ensure availability or to request a reasonable accommodation for transportation challenges, disabilities or language barriers please contact ORCCA’s Coos Bay office at (541) 435-7080 or Brookings office at (541) 469-3155.


Click here for more information on how to contact us and our hours of operation

Supportive Services for Veteran Families


Have you or a loved one served in the US Military? If so you may qualify for our Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program.  This program can provide deposit and short-term rental assistance.  Please make sure to indicate your veteran status during your Housing Assessment or on your Application for Services.


To see if you qualify for assistance please contact us

​Want to help families and community members in need?

Do you have a rental unit available? With your help, we can take a family, veteran or community member off the streets.  Please contact us at (541) 435-7080



Your donation goes a long way.  As the rainy season begins and the holidays approach, please consider donating to help keep a family, veteran and/or community member housed.

ORCCA assists over 300 of your community members.


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